Household Fault Current Testing
Testing of four Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) product types and schedule 40 black iron gas pipe was conducted to evaluate the ability of each product to defent against damage, wall perforation and fire resulting from residential electrical system fault and electrical arcing to gas pipe wall.

An electrical system fault was produced on a 15 amp 120VAC RMS branch circuit. The fault test was conducted on a test set-up, which placed gas piping test samples in contact with a metallic housing of an electrical appliance (recessed can light) energized with an electrical system fault. The test was conducted on five seperate wiring configurations of vaired lengths and resistance.

See test videos below and below to see full engineering report.
Engineering Report
Schedule 40 Black Iron Pipe
  • Breaker protected circuit
  • Electrical fault arcing to balck iron pipe occured
  • Black iron pipe is not perforated
Insulative Outer Jacketed CSST Products
  • Breaker produced circuit
  • No arcing present
  • No damage to gas piping occured
Conductive Outer Jacketed CSST Products
  • Breaker produced circuit
  • Electrical fault arcing to CSST
  • Damage to gas piping occured, resulting in gas-fueled fire